Welcome to the Generation STEM Participant Hub where you will find important information to support your participation in the programme and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

If you have any queries, please contact your Generation STEM primary contact in the first instance.

Last updated: 05/09/2018


The Generation STEM programme consists of three key elements:

  • Work Preparation Day (WPD) – an off-timetable event at your school with local employers and interactive sessions to develop students’ employability skills
  • Application & Interview process – the chance for 15 students to apply and interview for 5 STEM-related work experience placements
  • Work experience placements – 5 students will be selected to take a one-week placement in a STEM-related role at a local employer featuring a structured programme

Please note that the WPD may take place at any point before the work experience placements, so your students may be asked to apply/be interviewed before the WPD takes place.

A debrief session for the students who went on placement will be arranged early in the 2018/19 autumn term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should students be nominated for Generation STEM?

Generation STEM is aimed at students who wouldn’t normally be able to access these kind of STEM-related work experience placements. Schools should follow the advice contained in our ‘Guidance on selecting 15 pupils’ document when selecting students to take part.

One of the students we nominated has left the school/no longer wants to take part. Can I replace them?

As you will be aware Generation STEM is part of a Randomised Control Trial and one of the key aims of the research is to measure the impact of the programme on the 15 students you originally nominated to take part versus the students nominated by the control schools.

If any of the 15 students you originally nominated to take part can no longer do so, it’s unfortunately not possible to replace them with another student. (The reason being that reselection at this stage could introduce bias into the study.)

We therefore ask you to do all you can to encourage as many of the original 15 students to take part in the programme as possible.

What does the Work Preparation Day cover?

The aim of the Work Preparation Day is to improve students’ employability skills, with a specific focus on the expectations that employers have of young people both when applying for a job and behaviours they expect in the workplace. It is delivered in cooperation with employer volunteers and this contact between the students and a “real person” from the world of work is key.

The programme of each Work Preparation Day will be developed by your primary contact on the Generation STEM project team in cooperation with the school. Topics that are covered can include transferrable skills, CV/application writing, mock interviews, communication skills, teamwork and more. A timetable of a typical day is available here.

What are the options for the Work Preparation Day?

To accommodate the different preferences and needs of each participating schools, the Generation STEM Work Preparation Day can be delivered in a number of different ways, depending on the needs of the school, as outlined in options A – D below.

A) Whole Year 10 cohort – collapsed timetable day
Numbers: All students in Y10
Venue: School hall or series of classrooms
Timing: One day, off timetable

B) Partial Year 10 cohort – collapsed timetable day
Numbers: From 15 up to all students in Y10
Venue: School hall or series of classrooms
Timing: One day, off timetable

C) Target 15 students only – collapsed timetable day
Numbers: 15
Venue: Single classroom
Timing: One day, off timetable

D) Target 15 students only – flexible sessions
Numbers: 15
Venue: Single classroom
Timing: Either 2 x 3 hour sessions or 3 x 2 hour sessions, delivered over period of no more than 2 weeks

What do the interviews involve?

All students who complete an Application Form will be invited to take part in an interview on your school premises. The interview will be conducted by a member of the Generation STEM project team and/or an employer volunteer on a date arranged with your primary contact. In most cases all interviews will happen on the same day with students being asked to leave their lessons for their alloted interview slot. All students will receive written feedback on their application and interview performance following the interview and 5 students will be selected to go out on the work experience placements.

What about Duty of Care whilst students are on placement?

All work experience placements will be fully checked by CSW Group to ensure that Duty of Care standards are met.

As an organisation CSW Enterprise prides itself on providing a service which helps schools and businesses work together to achieve meaningful and safe work experience for young people in education. With years of qualified and professional experience, each Work Experience Liaison Officer is trained to NEBOSH level or has over 5 years’ experience within the work experience field and is audited on a regular basis. Each Duty of Care check follows the HSE regulations on work experience safety and we follow the safe learner framework.

At each Duty of Care check we go through the following with the employer:
• Health and Safety policy
• Insurances, Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance
• Induction procedures
• Emergency arrangements
• Accident procedures
• Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)
• Welfare facilities
• Maintenance and inspection of machinery, equipment etc.
• Safeguarding arrangements – (information attached)
• Risk assessments
• Placement information including requirements etc.
• HSE regulations for work experience – (information attached)
• Guidance about individual sectors
• Activities that the student can/cannot undertake on placement
• Each employer gets a copy of the placement description after the visit and if required a copy of the Duty of Care check.

When will my school receive the £1,000 payment? (Control schools)

Once your nominated 15 students have completed their follow up surveys provided by our evaluators NFER in September 2018, then CSW will be able to release your £1000 payment. We aim to complete these payments by the end of October 2018. Payments will be made by bank transfer –  all Control Group Schools will need to complete a bank details form and return it to CSW by post.

Please note that Intervention Group Schools are not eligible for the £1000 payment as they have received the Generation STEM intervention.

What happens after placements take place?

The Generation STEM project team will collect feedback from the employer on how the student did during their placement and pass it on. In addition a ‘Debrief session’ will be organised at school early in the 2018/19 autumn term for the students who went out on placement to allow them to reflect on and share their experiences.

I have a question not listed here - who should I contact?

Each school has a designated primary contact person who should be contacted with any questions in the first instance – please see the who’s who section below.

Process flowcharts

The flowcharts below detail the different stages of Generation STEM.

WPD stage

Application/interview stage

Placement stage

Important Documents

Documents and links relating to various stages of the programme are available by clicking on the different tabs below.

Gudiance on selecting 15 pupils

NFER secure portal – for uploading list of 15 nominated pupils with background data

The Intervention Group Survey was sent to all Intervention schools to collect data needed to plan the Work Preparation Day, Interview Day and STEM-related work experience placements.

The 15 students taking part in the application/interview process for the 5 work experience placements should use the materials below to write their applications:

The following Health Declaration Form also needs to be completed by the 15 students’ parents/guardian:

Both the Application Form and the Health Declaration Form should be returned to you and reviewed before you send them on to your Generation STEM primary contact as soon as possible.

Most materials for the WPD will be provided by your primary contact, however some key documents are available below:

Materials used during the debrief session:

Generation STEM project team – who’s who

The research aspects of Generation STEM, combined with the wide geographical delivery area means that there are a variety of people and organisations working on the project. We appreciate that schools may be confused when receiving contact from different people, so to help clarify the situation a list of who’s who in our project team is shown below:

CSW EnterpriseGeneration STEM lead organisation

Graphic ScienceGeneration STEM delivery partner

  • Caroline John – Project Coordinator (Gloucestershire, N Wiltshire & Swindon)
  • Rhona Phelps – Project Coordinator (Bristol, Bath, S Wiltshire)
  • Susy Ngadeu – Project Coordinator (Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole)
  • Kathryn Warr – Project Support

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) Generation STEM project evaluators