“Amesbury Abbey Group is keen to support and promote work experience within our company. We encourage enthusiastic young people to have two weeks work experience with us in our kitchens. We feel we have the knowledge and experience to offer a structured and fully supported introduction to pupils keen to receive an honest insight into becoming a chef, possibly ending up having a very rewarding career in the care industry.’
James Hoare, Group Housekeeping Services Manager, The Amesbury Abbey Group

CSW Enterprise currently works with over 6000 employers every year delivering work experience opportunities to young people. When businesses are reporting a significant skills gap and difficulties filling posts it is essential we help young people make appropriate career choices and develop their employability skills. Work Experience can help to address these issues. Through work experience young people can develop the generic skills needed for the work place completing hands on tasks acting as an employee. The key is developing those employability skills within a realistic setting giving the young people the opportunity to become more confident and mature within an adult world.

A survey by the British Chamber of Commerce found that 79% of employers think that work experience is the most important activity to equip young people for the work place. However, there are currently not enough quality work placements on offer to enable all young people to participate in work experience. This is why we need your help. By working with CSW Enterprise we can work together to develop a well-managed quality placement that will benefit all involved. Whether you are in the private, public or third sector, or if you are a small, medium or large employer, you have a wealth of skills and knowledge to offer. It is important that students can tap into this and benefit from it.


Benefits to your business

Workforce planning- you could be looking at your next apprentice following a successful work placement or identifying a potential employee of the future

Staff engagement and development- An opportunity to develop those important management and mentoring skills of your current staff

Fresh approach- capitalise on young people’s ideas and skills, particularly in IT and using social media and giving them the opportunity to look at your business from a new, young perspective

Sector promotion- Providing a positive introduction to young people of you sector enabling them to pursue a career in your industry

Engagement with the local community- helps boost local economic development and can also lead to increased brand loyalty and profile, and in turn to greater profits.

How we can support you?

Many employers are put off offering work placements because of the perceived challenges, this does not have to be the case. Most challenges can be overcome with good communication and planning and this is where we can help. The process is very simple and straightforward, including the health and safety requirements. We can work with you to develop a programme for the young person.